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Fastlane - A Celebration of the Eagles

Fastlane is a collection of some of the finest musicians and vocalists from Eastern Washington, who all share the love of the Eagles. Their shows deliver a memorable and authentic experience.

Fastlane covers the extensive catalog of music from the Eagles and member's solo careers. They provide a wide audience appeal that spans multiple generations and genres. Fastlane's performances are perfect for many occasions such as special event headliners, concert series, music festivals, corporate events,  casinos, supporting national acts, and any venue where quality entertainment is key.

Rob Bio

Rob Ivey – Guitarist/Vocalist


Rob is a guitarist, singer/songwriter who has been performing professionally since the age of 18, contributing to the success of regional events, clubs, and venues.

He enjoys writing and recording original music. Rob also writes, performs, and produces commercially, with jingles on the air waves.

He has enjoyed many years of professional success in the areas top bands and events and has shared the stage with such acts as Great White, Neal McCoy, Nightranger, Randy Bachman, Sara Evans, members of Heart, Journey, Steve Miller, AC/DC and more.

Rob brings years of experience and versatility to the Fastlane line up with his vocals and guitar playing including 6 and 12 string acoustic and electric guitar. He enjoys the challenge and rewards of bringing the complexity of the Eagles music to life.

Jack Bio

Jack Rothwell - Guitarist/Vocalist


Jack Rothwell is a guitarist/vocalist/songwriter from Eastern Washington who has performed professionally for over 3 decades. His deep love and dedication to performance, writing, and his versatile style have given him many opportunities to perform with some of the best musicians in the Northwest and international artists.

Jack provides a dynamic piece to this tight fitting group. He compliments the overall texture of the group with wide ranging vocal flavors as well as various guitar tonal layers to balance out this skilled group of players.

Jack's hope for the future is to give Fastlane the extra tools needed for development and continued success for reaching premier status. His goal is to help create a product that brings joy and excitement to the fans and enrich the musical entity that is Fastlane.

Robert Bio

Robert Elizondo - Keyboard/Vocalist


Robert has been performing professionally since the age of 14. At the age of 18, his original music was being aired on local and Pacific Northwest Spanish radio stations. He’s had the privilege of sharing the stage with Latin professionals such as Selena, Freddy Fender, and the Texas Tornados. He’s recorded with a major recording label in Texas (Freddie Records) where his original music was aired in the US and Mexico.  Robert brings an eclectic style and experience to Fastlane where his deep routed love of vocal harmonies help contribute to the beautiful sound of the Eagles' music. 

Scott Bio

Scott Okerlund – Bass/Vocalist

Scott is a multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter with over thirty years of experience playing throughout the Western United States as well as some international performances. About fifteen years ago, he also began teaching and has since passed on the gift of music to hundreds of others. His experience as a recording and live sound engineer has helped him to mentally deconstruct some of the complex arrangements in the Eagles catalog as Fastlane strives to be “as close to the record as possible”.

Playing in a variety of bands with styles ranging from rock, country, funk and Tejano has molded Scott into a very diverse musician. Along with the other stellar members of the band, Scott’s passion for music and the skills he’s developed adds to the Fastlane family and helps to elevate the entire group as they push to bring out the best in each other.

This whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.


Tim Bio

Tim Holloway - Drummer/Vocalist


Tim Holloway has been drumming, singing, and writing music professionally for over 35 years. He has toured overseas and extensively in the Western United States. When forming the band Fastlane, Tim called upon band members he performed with from previous groups. He understood that the members not only had to gel from a personality standpoint, but also be able to duplicate the intricate subtleties that the Eagles are known for. Being a drummer/singer/songwriter, Don Henley was a big inspiration and influence on Tim’s musical career. Being able to perform music from one of his favorite bands with some of his favorite musicians is, for a lack of better words…

terminally pretty.

Tim 1.png
Tony Bio

Tony Gonzalez - Multi-instrumentalist

Tony has been a professional musician for 40 years. He has been touring all across the United States for seventeen of those years. Originally from California, he moved to the Pacific Northwest to continue his musical career where he has played styles ranging from hard rock to Tejano and everything in-between. 
Tony has had the opportunity to work with some of the best musicians and that experience and versatility, with different styles of music, brings a hard-driven guitar style with a touch of country.  
He, along with his band brothers in Fastlane, strive for nothing but the best out of each other. “This is one of the most talented group of musicians with which I have ever collaborated.“

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